Twin Wall pipe products

We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit all sizes and manufacturers of twin wall pipe.  If you're looking for an item and can't see it on our site, please give us a call as we may be able to help.

Fluorescent Tube Storage Recepticle

A clean, safe and green solution for the storage of fluorescent lamps.
JF Plastics can manufacture Lamp Disposal storage units that enable used tubes to be safely and securely stored, ready for onward transportation to the waste site or recyclers.
Our units:
- Are manufactured from robust and durable corrugated HDPE Twin Wall tube.
- Can be manufactured to any standard length required (4’, 6’ & 8’ tubes) and a variety of diameters.
- Include a secure lid, which is chained to the body of the unit.

We can provide a transfer/sticker for the lid, containing your company’s branding if required.
To help reduce any tube breakage, we can also offer as an option a foam lined base.

Flu Tube Disposal Flu Tube Disposal

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