Bespoke Design & Fabrication Solutions

Do you have a non-standard fabrication requirement?... we can help.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can work with you to design, prototype, test and fabricate a solution.

A small selection of some of our past bespoke fittings are shown below.

Square to Round adapter

Square pipe, round hole? - we have the answer.  Our fabricators can produce an adapter to make the transition from one the other seamless.   These fittings have been used extensively in the rail industry where square and round ducting are commonly used together.

Bespoke fabrications

Large diameter twinwall catchpits

Our standard range of catchpits go up to 600mm diameter, but every once in a while we are asked to fabricate items from some larger sizes, with 1200mm being about our limit.  This particular order also required step-irons.

Bespoke fabrications Bespoke fabrications

Special Elbow/Junction

Our team of fabricators were able to manufacture this large elbow bend/junction, made to suit 600mm twinwall for a one-off job.

Bespoke fabrications

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