Utilities Providers products

J F Plastics offer a wide range of ducting products to cater for the utilities industry.

From gas & electric riser bends for new build houses, to lamp-post saddle systems for street lighting cable protection - call us to discuss your requirements.

Clip On Saddles

Our innovative, patent pending, solution for enabling junctions to be branched in to a main run of duct. As only a small access hole is required in to the main run, the amount of excavation, work and therefore time required is vastly reduced. Whilst the saddle does not guarantee a water-tight junction, use of a mastic adhesive and silicone should create a strong seal.

The clip on saddle can be produced with a straight branch of any angle from 15 to 90 degrees. We can also manufacture a swept junction version, allowing a smoother cable insertion.

Snap On Saddle Snap On Saddle Snap On Saddle with Swept Branch

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