Projects Supplied

We are proud to have supplied our products to some of the most well-known infrastructure and power projects undertaken in recent years.

Our ability to supply bespoke or standard products in small or large quantities, and in extra quick time, makes us a preferred supplier to many national builders and civils merchants.

Double-Swept Tee Junctions for the London Cycle Scheme

In 2009, J F Plastics were tasked with devising a ducting solution to enable cables to be run to the banks of docking stations being constructed for the London Cycle Scheme.

With over 400 docking stations been installed, our ducting fittings had to enable the cable connections to be made speedily, efficiently and safely.

The solution was our Double Swept Tee junctions (Patent Pending: 1014078.8), joined with flexible ducting, which was approved by Transport for London.  The junction, with its smooth branches, enables power cables to be easily daisy-chained between docking stations.

We have since gone on to supply 50,000+ units to the scheme.

London Cycle Scheme London Cycle Scheme

We are in discussions with companies in France and Canada to supply to similar schemes.

Our solution is also been considered for use in electric car charging stations, which are beginning to be rolled out.

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