Power Distribution Ducting Supplies

J F Plastics work closely with power and telecommunications ducting manufacturer Emtelle UK, to provide many non-standard power duct bends to the industry.

We also offer a full range of ancillary ducting fittings that can be tailored to clients specific design needs.

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Double Swept Tee Junctions

An innovative solution, our double swept tee junctions were originally designed for the London Cycle Scheme, but are now also popular with power distribution companies.

The smooth sweeping curve on the branches allows onward cable to fed back to the main line with ease.

We can fabricate junctions in various duct diameters (up to 200mm power duct), with equal and unequal branch configurations or as a pure daisy-chain i.e. no straight body.

Double Swept Tee Junctions Red Double Swept-T Double Swept-T options
Double Swept Tee Flyer

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