Power Distribution Ducting Supplies

J F Plastics work closely with power and telecommunications ducting manufacturer Emtelle UK, to provide many non-standard power duct bends to the industry.

We also offer a full range of ancillary ducting fittings that can be tailored to clients specific design needs.

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Split Power Ducting

Split Power Ducting

We offer a range of split ducting from 54mm communications duct through to 200mm Class 1 & 2 power ducts.  Our solution is ideal for repairing or replacing ducting during construction.  Our ducting retains its circular profile after splitting (ducting has a natural tendency to turn in on itself, creating an oval profile, if not processed correctly).

The two halves are joined back together with the use of durable PVC H-Strip on one half, with the other dropping in to place and being secured using cable ties (supplied separately). Ducting is available as standard in 3 metre lengths, but can be supplied in up to 6 metre lengths if required.

Split Power Duct

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