Twin Wall pipe products

We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit all sizes and manufacturers of twin wall pipe.  If you're looking for an item and can't see it below, please give us a call as we may be able to help.

Twinwall Duct Pulled Bends

- Made from twinwall pipe to suit all leading manufacturers:
 - JFC
 - Polypipe
 - Naylor
 - Wavin
 - Cherry
- Standard centre radius range of bends from 300mm - 900mm.
- Radii requirements outside of the standard range can be manufactured as special items.
- One piece offset bends can also be supplied, made to suit your design requirements.

TW LR Bend TW LR Offset Bend Twinwall U-Bend

Twin Wall Elbow Bends

Our elbows are fabricated from Twin Wall couplers, in sizes to suit pipe diameters from all main manufacturers.

- 11.25°, 22.5°, 45° and 90° bends are available as standard.
- Non-standard bend angles can be manufactured upon request, give us a call.

* Product disclaimer applies.

11.25 degree elbow 45 degree elbow 90 degree elbow

uPVC Couplers for Twin Wall

We manufacture our own couplers for joining twinwall ducting together.
Our couplers are made from uPVC pipe and therefore do not allow for a rubber ring-seal.
We can supply injection moulded couplers and seals if required.

TW uPVC Coupler

Twin Wall Junctions

- Made to suit Twin Wall pipe from all main manufacturers.
- Fabricated in sizes up to sizes of 600mm internal diameter (ID).
- Available with an equal or unequal sized branch.
- Available with a branch at any angle up to 90°.

* Product disclaimer applies.

TW Equal Y Junction TW Equal T Junction TW Unequal Y Junction

Twin Wall Valves

- We manufacture flap and slide valves to suit outside diameters (OD) of all major Twin Wall pipe manufacturers.
- Quality materials are used for all components of the valves, with parts robustly welded.
- Ideal for agricultural applications, our slide valves have a simple 'push-down, pull-up' mechanism, enabling flow to be controlled accurately.
- Our flap valves are easy to install and self operating and are available with a flanged option, or wall-mountable if required.

* Product disclaimer applies.

TW Flap Valve TW Slide Valve TW Slide Valve TW Flap Valve Wall Mountable

Twin Wall Catchpits/Chambers

- Twinwall catchpits/inspection chambers can be manufactured up to 600mm ID as standard, larger diameters (upto 1200mm) may be supplied, but please contact us to enquire.

  Options include:
- Multiple inlets and outlets, in various sizes, materials and configurations.
- A welded base plate as standard.
- Sumps to a height of your specification.
- Orifice plates and lid adapters can be fabricated to accept drain/man hole covers, however lids/covers are not supplied by us.

We also manufacture benched inspection chambers to the customers own specification. Please note that our chambers are not BS certified and are only intended for use in drain/storm water applications, not foul sewer.

TW CatchpitA 300mm twinwall catchpit with 110mm ring seal socketed inlet and outlet.
600mm Benched chamber baseA 600mm twinwall benched inspection chamber base, inlets/outlets are 110mm. Chamber can be extended to the desired depth by adding twinwall pipe and seals as necessary.
300mm silt trap complete with bucketA 300mm silt trap with 110mm spigot outlets, supplied with a filter bucket for catching large debris, helping to improve water quality in the system.


Reducers or adapters can be fabricated to cater for a multitude of twinwall and uPVC inlet and outlets.

Our standard reducer is flat-backed with the sockets off-set, as shown below, enabling it to be rotated to meet connecting pipe-work.

Flat backed, straight through or conical reducers can all be produced to your requirements.

TW x TW Flat Reducer TW x Drain Flat Reducer 225mm to 150mm Twinwall Coned Reducer 225mm to 150mm Twinwall Coned Reducer

Bellmouths to suit Twin Wall

We manufacture plastic bellmouths, to prevent cable snagging whilst pulling, they are available with or without sockets and to suit all common Twin-wall and uPVC pipe diameters.

Bell Mouth 110 TW GP duct bellmouth

Twin Wall Split Duct

We supply split duct for surrounding pre-existing cabling in Twin Wall or GP uPVC pipe.
The duct can be split in half or down one side only, depending on your usage requirements.
We supply in lengths up to 6 metres long as standard.

Twin Wall split duct is supplied with a split coupler and cable ties in order to secure the connection and two halves together.

We are also able to offer twinwall coil split down one side, if you have larger distances of cable to protect.

TW Split Duct

Spacers for Ducting

We supply spacers to secure ducting before concreting or other in-filling of the trench takes place.

Spacers are made from polyethylene and can be manufactured to any required configuration and to accept any size/(s) of ducting.

We can work with engineers and site plans to design the exact spacers you require.

TW duct cluster 2 way Duct Spacers Duct Spacers

Puddle Flanges

We manufacture puddle flanges to enable pipework to be routed through concrete or brick walls.
We can custom fabricate puddle flanges to suit any desired configuration of ducts.

* Product disclaimer applies.

TW Puddle Flange

End Caps and Plugs

We can supply temporary or more permanent welded Polyethylene end caps and plugs to fit over the ends of ducting to stop debris getting inside before cables are pulled.

TW End Caps & Plugs Welded End Cap

Fluorescent Tube Storage Recepticle

A clean, safe and green solution for the storage of fluorescent lamps.
JF Plastics can manufacture Lamp Disposal storage units that enable used tubes to be safely and securely stored, ready for onward transportation to the waste site or recyclers.
Our units:
- Are manufactured from robust and durable corrugated HDPE Twin Wall tube.
- Can be manufactured to any standard length required (4’, 6’ & 8’ tubes) and a variety of diameters.
- Include a secure lid, which is chained to the body of the unit.

We can provide a transfer/sticker for the lid, containing your company’s branding if required.
To help reduce any tube breakage, we can also offer as an option a foam lined base.

Flu Tube Disposal Flu Tube Disposal

* Fabricated Product Disclaimer

- We cannot guarantee water or air-tightness with any of our fabricated fittings due to us having no control over installation, transportation or site storage of our products, and damage that may occur during these periods.
- We accept no liability for claims due to water or air leakage.
- In the case of an obvious manufacturing defect, we will work with our customers to satisfactorily resolve leakage issues.

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