Ducting for Power Distribution Projects

We work closely with Emtelle UK to provide many non-standard ducting products for low, medium and high voltage cable routing.

This often means working with contractors to come up with a ducting solution that enables cables to routed and pulled, through testing locations, whilst still not exceeding the maximum bend radius tolerance of the cable itself.

We have the know-how and ability to produce very large radius bends in Class 1 and 2 ducts, from 6 metre lengths of pipe, thereby minimising the number of joints, and therefore potential for cabling snag during the pulling process.

Power Transmission DuctingPower duct bend clusters in place prior to back-filling with sand.
Power Transmission ductingA bespoke manufactured 200mm swept junction, made for a project in Scotland.
Power Transmission ductingClass 1 power duct double spacers, designed to prevent the heavier ducts from falling over prior to back-filling trench.
Power Transmission ductingExtra long radius power duct bends designed to route cable underneath a road.

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