Utilities Providers products

J F Plastics offer a wide range of ducting products to cater for the utilities industry.

From gas & electric riser bends for new build houses, to lamp-post saddle systems for street lighting cable protection - call us to discuss your requirements.

Long Radius Twin Wall Bends

- Made from Twin Wall pipe from all leading manufacturers (subject to availability):
 - JFC
 - Polypipe
 - Naylor
 - Wavin
 - Cherry
- Standard centre radius range of bends from 300mm - 900mm.
- Radii requirements outside of the standard range can be manufactured as special items.
- One piece offset bends can also be supplied, made to suit your design requirements.

TW LR Bend TW LR Offset Bend TW U Bend

General Purpose uPVC Bends

We supply bends made from General Purpose uPVC pipe in all sizes, to any angle and radius (subject to pipe restrictions).

90 degree 54mm bend 45 degree 4 inch bend 90 degree 4 inch bend 90 degree 200mm bend

Phone & Cable TV bends & Fittings

We manufacture a full range of fittings in grey and purple ducting to suit the telephone and cable tv network.

Grey Fittings

Riser Bends

We supply bends for bringing gas and electric pipes out of the grounds.

Bends are usually socketed on one side to accept connection to the straight duct, but double socketed and different angle bends can be supplied on request.

Gas & Electric Riser Bends

Hockey Stick Bends

We supply hockey stick bends made in uPVC or twinwall duct in a variety of diameter sizes (most popular are 38mm and 44mm OD), bend radii, colours and leg lengths.

Hockey Stick bends

Slip Couplers

Our slip couplers are made to measure and designed to fit snugly over all sizes of power ducting, in order to provide a robust yet easy to install join.

Awaiting image

Duct Repair Kits

We can supply injected moulded repair kits for 96mm green or grey duct, or we manufacture our own solution to suit 54mm duct.

The kits enable the grafting in of replacement duct to replace a damaged section.

Injection moulded kits are provided with 4 split inserts, 6 duct liners and 8 cable ties.  54mm kits comprise two lengths of split 54mm duct with 4 cable ties.

96mm green repair kit 96mm grey repair kit

Double Swept Tee Junctions

An innovative solution, our double swept tee junctions were originally designed for the London Cycle Scheme, but are now also popular with power distribution companies.

The smooth sweeping curve on the branches allows onward cable to fed back to the main line with ease.

We can fabricate junctions in various duct diameters (up to 200mm power duct), with equal and unequal branch configurations or as a pure daisy-chain i.e. no straight body.

Double Swept Tee Junctions Red Double Swept-T Double Swept-T options
Double Swept Tee Flyer

Download Double Swept Tee Flyer

Street Lighting Saddles

Our ingenious solution for running electricity cables to street lighting posts - this one-piece fitting slots inside the lamp post base and provides a smooth bend to enable cable pulling up from the ground with ease.

The unit also has the added benefit of providing protection for the cabling in the event of disturbance during excavation.

Also shown is our range of other bends, couplers, smooth reducers and junctions for street lighting applications.

Lamp Post Saddle Lamp Post Saddle Street Lighting Ducting Range
Lamp Post Saddle Flyer

Download Lamp Post Saddle Flyer

Street Lighting Fittings Flyer

Download Street Lighting Fittings

Clip On Saddles

Our innovative, patent pending, solution for enabling junctions to be branched in to a main run of duct. As only a small access hole is required in to the main run, the amount of excavation, work and therefore time required is vastly reduced. Whilst the saddle does not guarantee a water-tight junction, use of a mastic adhesive and silicone should create a strong seal.

The clip on saddle can be produced with a straight branch of any angle from 15 to 90 degrees. We can also manufacture a swept junction version, allowing a smoother cable insertion.

Snap On Saddle Snap On Saddle Snap On Saddle with Swept Branch

Snap-in Branches

Ideal for use in land drainage applications, our snap in branch system has been specially designed to replace the need to install a standard junction fitting.

This has several benefits:
- The need for a large excavation around the main run is eliminated.
- The main run does not have to be moved or cut through, just a hole cut big enough for the branch, saving labour time and improving safety.

Snap In Branch

End Caps and Plugs

We can supply temporary or more permanent welded Polyethylene end caps and plugs to fit over the ends of ducting to stop debris getting inside before cables are pulled.

TW End Caps & Plugs Welded End Cap

* Fabricated Product Disclaimer

- We do not guarantee water or air-tightness with any of our fabricated fittings.
- We accept no liability for claims due to water or air leakage.
- Within reason, we will work with our customers to satisfactorily resolve leakage issues, but this is at the Company's discretion.

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