General Purpose uPVC pipe products

We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit pipe of all sizes.

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General Purpose uPVC Bends

We supply bends made from General Purpose uPVC pipe in all sizes, to any angle and radius (subject to pipe restrictions).

90 degree 54mm bend 45 degree 4 inch bend 90 degree 4 inch bend 90 degree 200mm bend

uPVC Sewer Drain Bends

We can supply bends made from sewer drain pipe from 82mm - 315mm OD in any angle and to any radius.

Sewer Drain Bends

uPVC GP Insulated Bends

We manufacture pre-insulated bends. These consist of a 32mm ID/38mm OD duct hockey stick encased by a 114mm OD duct bend. The inner bend is lagged in pipe insulation with a 13mm thickness.

Both ends are filled with expanding foam and capped off.

Insulated Bend

Hockey Stick Bends

We supply hockey stick bends made in uPVC or twinwall duct in a variety of diameter sizes (most popular are 38mm and 44mm OD), bend radii, colours and leg lengths.

Hockey Stick bends

uPVC Junctions

We manufacture a range of equal and un-equal T & Y junctions made from GP duct.

We use high quality pipe and weld material in our junctions.  Robust welds ensure a strong joint.

* Product disclaimer applies.

uPVC Y Junction uPVC Y Junction uPVC T Junction 6 Grey Swept T Junctions

uPVC Drain Valves

- Our uPVC drain flap and slide valves are available in sizes to suit all popular pipe diameters up to 315mm.
- Quality materials are used for all components of the valves, with parts robustly welded.

- A simple 'push-down, pull-up' mechanism is used for our slide valves enabling easy flow control.
- Flap valves are self operating and easy to install, pushing in to a socket on the end of your pipe.

* Product disclaimer applies.

Drain Slide Valve Drain Flap Valve Drain Flap Valve

uPVC Puddle Flanges

We manufacture puddle flanges to enable pipe to pass through concrete structures.
We can produce these flanges to many different configurations and to suit many popular duct sizes.

uPVC Drain Puddle Flange

uPVC Silt Traps / Sampling Chambers

Silt Traps/Sampling Chambers can be manufactured to your size and inlet/outlet requirements.

The traps are produced with a welded uPVC base, inlets and outlets are chamfered to accept connection.

Filter buckets with handle are available as an optional extra.

200mm Silt Trap Silt Trap with bucket

uPVC Split Duct

We supply split duct for surrounding pre-existing cabling in Twin Wall or GP uPVC pipe.

Our popular uPVC general purpose split duct uses an innovative joining strip to locate the two halves securely back together.

General Purpose split duct is supplied with a split coupler and cable ties. It is available in a wide variety of colours and diameters and in up to 6 metre lengths.

Grey Split Duct Green Split Duct

* Fabricated Product Disclaimer

- We do not guarantee water or air-tightness with any of our fabricated fittings.
- We accept no liability for claims due to water or air leakage.
- Within reason, we will work with our customers to satisfactorily resolve leakage issues, but this is at the Company's discretion.

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