Twin Wall pipe products

We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit all sizes and manufacturers of twin wall pipe.  If you're looking for an item and can't see it on our site, please give us a call as we may be able to help.

Twin Wall Catchpits/Chambers

- Twinwall catchpits/inspection chambers can be manufactured up to 600mm ID as standard, larger diameters (upto 1200mm) may be supplied, but please contact us to enquire.

  Options include:
- Multiple inlets and outlets, in various sizes, materials and configurations.
- A welded base plate as standard.
- Sumps to a height of your specification.
- Orifice plates and lid adapters can be fabricated to accept drain/man hole covers, however lids/covers are not supplied by us.

We also manufacture benched inspection chambers to the customers own specification. Please note that our chambers are not BS certified and are only intended for use in drain/storm water applications, not foul sewer.

TW CatchpitA 300mm twinwall catchpit with 110mm ring seal socketed inlet and outlet.
600mm Benched chamber baseA 600mm twinwall benched inspection chamber base, inlets/outlets are 110mm. Chamber can be extended to the desired depth by adding twinwall pipe and seals as necessary.
300mm silt trap complete with bucketA 300mm silt trap with 110mm spigot outlets, supplied with a filter bucket for catching large debris, helping to improve water quality in the system.

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